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Introducing Chakshu Portal: Safeguarding Against Fraudulent Communications



In today’s digital age, where communication channels abound, it’s become increasingly crucial to protect oneself against fraudulent activities, especially those aimed at exploiting individuals through deceptive means. In response to this growing concern, the Chakshu portal emerges as a beacon of safety, offering a platform for citizens to report suspected fraud communications.

What is Chakshu?

Chakshu is a specialized platform designed to empower telecom service users in India to combat cyber-crime, financial frauds, and various forms of impersonation or misuse through calls, SMS, or WhatsApp. It serves as a centralized hub where individuals can report suspicious communications targeting them.

How Does Chakshu Work?

The process of utilizing Chakshu is straightforward. If a user receives a communication that seems dubious, such as messages related to bank accounts, payment wallets, SIM cards, or impersonations as government officials, they can submit a report through the Chakshu portal. This proactive approach not only protects the individual but also contributes to the collective effort in combating fraudulent activities.

Examples of Suspected Fraud Communications

Some common scenarios where Chakshu comes into play include:

Financial Frauds: Messages soliciting sensitive financial information or promising unrealistic returns.

Impersonation: Attempts to impersonate government officials, relatives, or other trusted entities to extract personal data.

KYC Update Scams: False notifications regarding the need to update KYC details, often used to steal identity information.

Reporting and Resources

While Chakshu serves as a valuable tool in identifying and reporting suspicious communications, it’s essential to note its limitations. The platform does not handle cases involving actual financial loss or direct cyber-crime incidents. For such situations, users are directed to contact the cybercrime helpline at 1930 or visit the official website


In a digital landscape fraught with potential threats, initiatives like Chakshu play a vital role in safeguarding individuals against fraud and deception. By fostering a culture of awareness and accountability, Chakshu empowers citizens to take proactive measures in protecting themselves and their communities from malicious actors.

In essence, Chakshu isn’t just a portal; it’s a shield, defending against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, one report at a time.

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